bruschetta of chèvre & agrodolce onions

meredith dairy chèvre & jingilli olive oil

::  I wasn’t sure what I wanted for dinner but I knew I wanted something with goats cheese (or chèvre).  While I don’t have a sweet tooth, I could quite easily get through a couple of logs of goats cheese drizzled with quality olive oil and fresh baguette in one sitting if it wasn’t for calorie guilt.  I absolutely love it!

This bruschetta is a winning combination of creamy, pungent cheese, sweet balsamic onions, peppery rocket and of course, garlicky ciabatta bread.  It’s quick to make and tastes amazing.

Start with the agrodolce (sweet and sour) onions.  Thinly slice two red onions and place in a hot saucepan with a glug of oil.  Cook onions for 30 minutes, until soft and caramalised.

Meanwhile, place a couple of glugs of quality balsamic vinegar and a tablespoon of castor sugar in a small pan over medium heat.  Stir for a few minutes until dissolved, add about a tablespoon of raisins and keep cooking until you have a glossy syrup.  Add the balsamic sauce to the onions a spoonful at a time, tasting as you go.  The sauce should accent the onions rather than dominating the dish.  Simmer onions for 2-3 minutes until thick and syrupy.  Remove from the heat and allow to cool.

agrodolce onions

Heat a chargrill pan over high heat, brush four or five slices of ciabatta with oil and then chargrill each side until toasted.  Rub one side of each slice with a clove of garlic, top with rocket, chunks of goats cheese and onions.  Place briefly under a grill for a final toast, then drizzle with olive oil and season.  Serve immediately and be prepared to have seconds or thirds!



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