ravishing ravioli

the essential tools

::  There’s nothing quite like homemade pasta.  And it’s not just the end results – be it silky, rich strands of pappardelle or little surprise-filled purses of tortellini – but the whole pasta making process which is a joy.  Ravioli tends to take the longest, as you need to fill and handcraft each one, but I find it relaxing and almost therapeutic to spend a lazy hour or two getting lost in its creation.

pasta medley

Jamie Oliver is a chef who is really passionate about homemade pasta and his books provide a great reference point when it comes to making, flavouring and cooking the huge number of varieties out there.  I still go by the dough recipe I first used from The Naked Chef, although it has taken me a while to get it just right!

The important thing about ravioli is getting the perfect thickness and making sure they are sealed completely.  You don’t want any water leaking in and diluting your filing or worse, your ravioli bursting in the boiling water midway through cooking.

fresh ravioli

These ravioli are filled with a mixture of torn bocconcini, sundried tomatoes, basil and lemon zest wrapped in thinly sliced proscuitto.  It’s important to match the right sauce with your creation, as the flavours in the filing are the heroes of the dish and you don’t want to overpower them.  For these, I made a subtle Napolitana sauce and topped with a little grated parmesan and basil, it makes for a classic combination.

ravioli of proscuitto, bocconcini, sundried tomatoes & basil


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