one lovely blog award

::  I’d like to take a brief pause and thank all you wonderful people who have commented or liked my posts, and especially those who’ve jumped on the band wagon and follow table twenty eight.
This blog started as a little personal project in answer to my rhetorical question, “What to do with all my food photographs and recipes?”
a bouquet of cherries
Since then it has grown into a motivational and rewarding venture, which has enabled me to progress my styling and photography and led me to discover other talented and friendly individuals from all over the globe.
All of us driven by that wonderful, passionate, undeniable appetite for drop-dead delicious food and drink!
I’d like to put forward special thanks to Anne from Uni Homemaker, who nominated me for the One Lovely Blog award.
As someone who considers herself an amateur in the field of food blogging, this is wonderful encouragement and I am grateful for the acknowledgement considering how many brilliant photographers and wordsmiths there are out there.
As a recipient of this nomination, I am required to:
::  Thank the person who honored me with this award and post their link(s)
::  Nominate fifteen other blogs for this honour
::  Tell readers seven things about myself
So here we go…
Fifteen recommended blogs (in no particular order):
::  Tartelette
::  My Fancy Pantry
::  Putney Farm
::  Two Loves Studio
::  made by mike
::  The Berlin Lunchbox
::  Wino sapien
::  The Craving Chronicles
::  seven spoons
::  egg & dart
::  Mama’s Gotta Bake
::  the second serving
::  La Tartine Gourmande
::  cuminseeds
::  Bake, anything
Seven things about me:
::  My favourite restaurant is Hellenic Republic in Melbourne, a Greek restaurant where modern decor meets authentic cooking straight from the Greek soul.
::  I love brussel sprouts.  When I was a kid, my mum would buy me a handful when we shopped at the fruit and veg markets and I would chomp on them raw, straight from the bag.
::  Two dishes that I adore but have never attempted to cook are chilli mussels and lemon meringue pie.
::  My favourite ice cream flavour is pistachio.
::  My favourite movie of all time is Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.
::  I’ve been trying to grow a potted garden on my balcony – chilli plants, tomatoes and herbs.  Despite love, attention and frequent watering, things are very touch and go!
::  The most exciting thing on the horizon for me at the moment is my trip to the UK at the end of the year.  I fly out Christmas Eve to London for (hopefully) a white Christmas and then spend a few weeks road tripping around Wales with a Welsh mate.
tools of the trade

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