trick or treat

pumpkin patch cupcakes
::  Admittedly, Halloween has never been a big celebration on my radar but not being of American origin, that’s hardly surprising.
However, after changing companies earlier this year I experienced the 31st October for the first time in my new role.
Workstations and desks were decked out with sprawling networks of spider web, bloody handprints dripped down the whiteboard, dancing skeletons, glowing pumpkins and dead roses adorned the administrator’s area and bowls of colourful candy beckoned.
Our whole team was tasked with bringing in Halloween themed treats for morning tea and boy, did they deliver.
From lychee eyeballs and pastry wrapped sausage mummies to ghosty cupcakes and mountains of candy, we had quite a feast on our hands (not to mention pinging sugar highs)…
a taste of halloween
I’ve always wanted to work with coloured fondant and take the time to create some intricately designed cupcakes, so this seemed like the perfect occasion.
I made a batch of Crabapple Bakery’s simple but scrumptious vanilla cupcakes (the same recipe on which I based my red velvet cupcakes) and I was ready to get decorating.
 I’ve only used fondant once in the past and wasn’t terribly happy with the result but the Crabapple Bakery Cupcake Cookbook came to the rescue with some very useful tips.
The key is kneading the ready-made boxed fondant to make it pliable enough to work with and make sure you dust your bench with pure icing sugar to ensure that it doesn’t stick.
Add your desired colouring in very tiny amounts as a little goes a long way – too much will result in fondant that’s overly wet and sticky.  Finally – patience is key!
a taste of halloween
After tossing up a few ideas, I decided on Pumpkin Patch Cupcakes.  I topped the cooled cupcakes with a simple chocolate fudge frosting, fashioned a miniature pumpkin for each and finally, used a batch of green fondant for the curling tendrils and leaves.
 Considering the effort involved, I was very pleased with the results!
pumpkin patch cupcakes

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