breakfast at cimbalino

feasting with friends

Saturday morning saw me brunching with best friends at Cimbalino, a vibrant and ever buzzing coffee shop that spills onto the pavements of Cottesloe.

Along with their range of perfectly roasted, silky smooth coffees comes an extensive breakfast and brunch menu with the usual offerings, as well as  more exotic options like sweetcorn and ricotta hotcakes or huevos rancheros with chorizo.

On weekend mornings there’s always a long line to the counter taking you past their tantalising sweets cabinet, bursting with a selection of rainbow coloured of macaroons and rows of delicate, moist cakes with flavours like beetroot and whiskey or flourless orange almond.

While you undoubtedly pay more dining in the classy, ocean side suburb of Cottesloe (it’s been both an enormous blessing and fiscal curse growing up next to the beach!) the food and coffee really are divine.

cimbalino cappucino
Fresh fruit salad with greek yoghurt and honey.

Perfectly poached eggs with seeded sourdough and hollandaise.

poached eggs with toasted seeded sourdough & hollandaise

cimbalino, napoleon street in cottesloe, western australia | table twenty eight


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