ciabatta with figs & gorgonzola

fig & gorgonzola ciabatta |

Growing up, we had a magnificent fig tree in our backyard.

It wasn’t terribly large, unlike the vast white fig tree in the nearby park – huge, knotted and gnarly, and perfect for living out childhood adventures; but our tree bore mountains of the most delicious, beautiful and plump fruit.

Pale green on the outside with rich, ruby-jewelled interiors, the initial crop of figs would always reach their ripeness in the first week of February like clock-work.

fresh figs |

For the next few months we would feast on them – sometimes in deserts or salads – but mostly fresh picked from the tree.

The crop was so plentiful that we’d be begging people to take boxes of them left, right and centre.

Although the figs in this dish didn’t quite live up to the subjects of my childhood nostalgia, their jammy sweetness was the perfect compliment to the pleasing combination of crusty ciabatta, gorgonzola and toasted walnuts.

This isn’t really a recipe as such – more of an assembly job really – and makes a satisfying dinner for one or an entree for many.

fig & gorgonzola ciabatta |

ciabatta with figs & gorgonzola

gorgonzola dolce

a handful of fresh, ripe figs
toasted walnuts
fresh loaf of ciabatta
micro herbs, for serving

Slice the ciabatta to your desired thickness and chargrill each side in a grill pan.

Alternatively you could toast them but this gives a lovely smokey flavour.

Slice off shards of gorgonzola, place on the toasted bread and top each with three sliced rounds of fig.

Place under the griller until the figs start to brown and the gorgonzola begins to melt.

Break the walnuts into smaller pieces, sprinkle over the toasts and top with micro herbs for a bit of greenery.


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