a weekend of birthdays

happy birthday

The past couple of days have done little to contradict the feeling of how quickly time is flying, with table twenty eight coming up for its first year and the celebration of my 24th birthday.

Sunday started with a lovely birthday breakfast with friends at the busy, canal-side East Perth café, Toast.

I received a wonderful foodie hamper decked out with balloons and birthday streamers, filled with gourmet cheeses, brightly coloured homegrown chillies (these came with a serious heat hazard warning) and Matt Moran’s latest cookbook.

I fully intended to capture the atmosphere and delightful Toast breakfast offerings but went to take a snap and realised I’d forgotten to put my SD card back in! So unfortunately, no images this time but it gives me a good excuse to return…

vintage treasures

Lunch was a beautiful alfresco affair at another good friend’s home.

I arrived to find the back deck gloriously decorated with all manner of whimsical touches, in an Alice-in-Wonderland, garden-tea-party sort of fashion.

Gilded birdcages adorned the ceiling, flowers spilled from pewter jugs and ornate vases, tea cups dangled from the crystal chandelier over the dining table and painted letters spelling ‘Happy Birthday’ were strung over the steps leading out into the garden.

It was absolutely beautiful.

vintage treasures

crystal chandelier



vintage treasures

alice in wonderland tea party

The menu was simple but full of flavour, with everyone contributing a homemade dish.

Roasted pumpkin and aubergine salad with grilled haloumi, tiger prawns with avocado and baby spinach, asparagus and prosciutto tart and for dessert, classic vanilla cupcakes.

tiger prawnswith avocado & baby spinach

birthday cupcakes

The other birthday of the weekend belonged to my website.  My ‘little online project’ came into being as the result of a friend urging me to do SOMETHING with my collection of recipes, ink sketches, foodie pilgrimages and the relentless need to capture life through my lens.

I live and breathe food.  Far from the fundamental need to fuel my body but as the fabric that pulls friends and family together, its flavours and textures and colours, its complexities and subtleties, its comfort factor and wow factor and the parallel enticements of china and silverware and the endless designs of bowls, plates, knife, fork and spoon…  I just love it.  My mother often laughs that my memory recall is solidly based on whatever happened to be on my plate at the time.

I had never read a blog before I started my own but in putting my thoughts and photos down on a page, I’ve met such a wonderful community of people, all as equally inspired and passionate about cuisine as I am.

Thank you to you all for your comments and feedback over the past year, which has seen my little project grow into something I feel proud to share…  Santé!


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