postcards from ireland | on the road

Countryside, County Kerry 003

Ireland – almost every stunning landscape you could imagine, packed onto one tiny island.

You’d think it would be impossible to pick a favourite or most beautiful part of the trip.

But faced with the question, my mind immediately springs to the drive from Kinsale to Dingle.

Countryside, County Kerry 001

Armed with our trusty GPS (with Billy Connolly reciting directions), we turned from the motorway and took the longer way around the coastal roads.

We had a whole day to make the trip north and took full advantage of this, stopping at every photo opportunity.

Here are just a few of the sights…


Countryside, County Kerry 002

Countryside, Kinsale 001

Carriganass Castle 001

Carriganass Castle 002

Carriganass Castle 003


Cows, County Kerry

Countryside, County Kerry 004

Inch Beach

We arrived late afternoon in Dingle to pick up Mum, who’d been staying there since she left me and my brother in Dublin.

Dingle is a very small village looking out onto the Atlantic Ocean, almost at the end of the Dingle Peninsula.

The B&B I’d booked was on the other side of the peninsula, so we packed up the mother and her luggage and headed inland.

The crossing inland, Connor Pass, is – to say the least – breathtaking.  Too gorgeous to describe and unfortunately the photos don’t do it justice (more to come in my next post)…

Connor Pass 001

Connor Pass wends its way up into the mountains, turning into a tiny road hugging the boulder-strewn, grassy precipice on one side and falling away to a sheer drop on the other.

The first time we made the crossing, the weather had descended and all we could see beyond the crumbling edges of road was white.

A white sea engulfing all views of the landscape, as if the whole world had dropped just away.

Connor Pass 002

For a stretch the road actually shrinks to a single lane and that first day, I came around a corner of the cliff to come face to face with three cars coming in the opposite direction.

From the hand-waving of the lady in the first car, it was clear that I was the loser of the Mexican stand-off and expected to reverse back around the loopy edges of the cliff until there was a wider bit for the three cars to pass around me.

Needless to say, this was a rather high pressure process; two passengers talking at me over each other, giving instructions not to reverse off the cliff, and three cars descending on me, all scrutinizing the procedure, with the lead almost nudging the nose of the rental car.

Eventually I reached a nook in the cliff I was able squeeze into so that the oncoming traffic could maneuver around me and continue on their merry way.

After all this excitement, we managed to arrive safe and sound at our lovely B&B, entirely ready to take a break from the road and relax in Dingle’s beautiful surrounds…


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