merry christmas to all…

merry christmas 2013 | table twenty eight

Merry (albeit, very belated) Christmas to everyone!

I’ve had intentions to sit down and write this post almost daily for the past month but in the whirlwind of festive preparations, parties and the end-of-year frenzy at work, it seems I blinked and here we are staring down the business end of 2014.

I bounced back with renewed energy and enthusiasm as we hit the beginning of December – but the next time I looked at a calendar, the 25th was only one week away.

All my time and organisation was poured into work (with rewarding and worthwhile results) but the upshot was that I was terribly unorganised with gift-shopping and all other aspects of Christmas.

christmas 2013 | table twenty eight

Luckily, family and friends were on hand tell me when and where I was required to show up, so I managed to get to the most important stuff (obligatory bottle of wine in hand and dazed smile on my face).

However, I didn’t manage to get into the kitchen at all over this period, which was disappointing… no Christmas cookies or sweets, no turkey, no nothing.  Ah well, I’ll just have to make up for it next year…

christmas panda | table twenty eight

One other addition to the festive season calendar has been housesitting for friends C and A while they travel to the US for three weeks.

I’ve done this a number of times over the past few years and one of the delights of looking after their place is their two enormous British shorthairs – Sadie and Panda.

They seem to have grown even bigger since the last time I saw them and keep me constantly entertained with their antics (including Panda’s fixation with her Christmas teepee).

sadie | table twenty eight

One of their amusing quirks is sleeping on their backs, legs akimbo, purring contentedly without a care in the world.  Sometimes it’s slightly disconcerting walking into a room to see them lying on the floor, furry side up, as if falling victim to some terrible feline assassination…

They’ve both been fascinated with my Christmas tree, lying on their backs and playing with the lowest branches and baubles.

I even woke up on Christmas morning and wandered into the living room to hear a tell-tale ripping sound – Panda had become impatient and half unwrapped someone’s present.

sadie | table twenty eight

I’ll end this entry with a thank you to everyone for supporting table twenty eight over the past year and hope you all had an enjoyable, relaxing Christmas.

Have a safe New Year and I look forward to returning with more delicious pieces soon…

Best regards,


merry christmas | table twenty eight


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