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new year, brand new website!

 grand marnier christmas cakes | foraged photography
Speaking of the New Year and new ventures, I have some very exciting news to share with you!

I’ve now officially launched my freelance photography business and new website – Foraged Photography… (more)

postcards from america | newport, oregon

 sylvia beach hotel, newport | united states
From Cannon Beach, my brother and I continued our American roadtrip south, down Highway 101.

Highway 101 (or Route 101) is a huge stretch of road (approximately 2,300 kilometres or 1,400 miles) running almost the entirety… (more)

postcards from america | cannon beach, oregon

 late afternoon rain sweeps the headland of ecola state park, just north of cannon beach | oregon, united states
One of the principle reasons it’s taking so long to work my way through my Oregon coast photos is having to photoshop the water mist from camera my lens off my images – it barely stopped raining for four days… (more)

postcards from america | portland, oregon

 fall apple boughs in the middle of tranquil suburbia, NE 11th street, portland | oregon, united states
A few weeks ago I embarked on my first visit to America, to explore the west coast and to stay with friends down in Texas.

We started the trip in the Pacific-Northwest state of Oregon… (more)

secret suppers | the secret life of bees

 gorgonzola with honeycomb, from 'honey i'm home' produce |
Last weekend we had our second Secret Suppers event, ‘The Secret Life of Bees’, celebrating the incredible contributions of the humble bee to both our larders and the global ecosystem.

It was rather daunting following up on the success of our first… (more)

chai spiced cheesecake

 chai spiced cheesecake |
With its gingernut biscuit base and creamy spiced filling, this sweet treat is like a resplendent gingerbread cheesecake… (more)

braised beef & roasted pumpkin filo pie

 braised beef & roasted pumpkin filo pie |
When I first read this recipe for a hearty filo pie, I thought it all sounded delicious – except that it calls for hunks of stracchino (a cheese similar to mozzarella), which frankly sounds to me like a bizarre ingredient to add to a meat pie.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a staunch worshipper at The Altar of Cheese… (more)

red wine & pear chocolate cake

 red wine & pear chocolate cake |
As a general rule, I don’t do chocolate cake.

However, a number of years ago I discovered something I enjoyed so much that it changed the chocolate cake game for me.  A decadent, rich but not overly sweet, moist dark chocolate cake sitting atop a base of red wine poached pears, drizzled with a velvety… (more)

secret suppers | rasa malaysian

 char siu pork fillet on a bed of glutinous coconut rice, served with crispy crackling, star anise plum sauce, steamed asian greens & ginger gel - secret suppers society, rasa malaysian evening |

As mentioned in my last post, I’ve been flat-tack busy in recent weeks leading up to the inaugural event for the Secret Suppers Society and I’m delighted to say our first dinner was a resounding success!

It’s such a wonderfully creative process and I’m thrilled to be part it; from designing the menu… (more)

fig & goat’s cheese tart

 fig & goat's cheese tart |
Today I’m sharing with you a fig and goat’s cheese tart recipe that was made with a few crops of figs I’ve picked from the tree over the road at our local park.

Free and foraged figs! (more)

strawberry & basil ice cream

strawberry & basil ice cream |

Strawberries are now in their prime – juicy, honey-sweet and fragrant – and although it’s easy to gorge on them fresh by the punnet, I wanted to try something just a little different.

Add a handful of fresh herbaceous basil and some cream to the equation, and you’ve got a glorious, blushing rose-pink ice cream… (more)

ricotta fritters with beetroot relish & crème fraîche

ricotta fritters with beetroot relish & crème fraîche |

This dish has been on my recipe to-do list for a while and finally made it to the table when I cooked it for friends last week.

It’s deceptively simple but its vibrant colour palette boasts a definite ‘wow factor’ and if there’s such a thing as summer comfort food, this would certainly fall into the category…  (more)

passionfruit curd cheesecake

passionfruit curd cheesecake |

A few weeks ago I made a batch of tangy, fragrant passionfruit curd.

Even before I’d started the rather time consuming work of de-pulping a bucket’s worth of passionfruit, I had my final vision in mind – a light, creamy, dreamy tropical cheesecake with lashings of passionfruit curd and citrus sass…  (more)

baba ganoush

baba ganoush |

Adapted from George Calombaris’ traditional Greek melitzanosalata, this dip is silky smooth, full of smokiness and notes of verdant, buttery olive oil.

This is not the time to skimp on the oil – this is the time to use the best quality extra virgin olive oil you can afford as it provides a key flavour component…  (more)

passionfruit curd

passionfruit curd |

Full of distinctive sweet, tangy nectar and vibrant in colour, passionfruit are one of the culinary highlights of summer.

My friends Mike and Marz kindly gave me a bucket load of passionfruit from their vine at home; a huge behemoth of sprawling green tendrils and lush leaves that covers the entire back of the house…  (more)

tuna ceviche with aromatic salad & avocado

I was looking for a simple dish requiring minimal stove heat – something a wee bit special to mark the festive period – and this recipe answered the call.

It’s from Ben O’Donoghue and Curtis Stone’s cookbook Surfing the Menu, chronicling their adventures around the Australian coast in the pursuit of fresh produce and terrific surf… (more)

beetroot, quinoa & kale salad with pomegranate dressing & feta

a healthy, wholesome beetroot, quinoa & kale salad with pomegranate dressing & feta |

There’s no real rocket science behind this salad; just a bunch of flavours that work notoriously well together.

With a sharp, tangy pomegranate dressing, the salad takes on a Middle-Eastern vibe and is filling enough to be a meal on its own… (more)

postcards from the stirling range | spring 2015

storm clouds roll in over mt. trio, stirling range, south western australia |

Last month we travelled to the Stirling Range, and although it’s taken time I’ve now got some photos to share with you.

The Stirling Range National Park encloses the only major mountain range in the southern half of Western Australia, approximately 340 kilometres from Perth (a five to six hour drive, depending on your need for coffee…  (more)

no-bake blueberry cheesecake

 no-bake blueberry cheesecake | table twenty eight

As I’ve mentioned on previous occasions (for example, when making my pavlova cake with lemon mascarpone and raspberry coulis), berries in sold in Perth are a ridiculously expensive commodity.

I really don’t understand why this should be so, as I would have thought the climate in Southern Western Australia…  (more)

aubergine & herb salad with garlic yoghurt dressing

 yotam ottolenghi's aubergine & herb salad with garlic yoghurt dressing | table twenty eight

If you’re not a huge fan of garlic or are planning on romantically pursuing a vampire, you might need to make some adjustments to this recipe.

This is another gem from Ottolenghi’s Plenty More cookbook and features a very interesting sounding black garlic sauce…  (more)

blood orange sorbet

 blood orange sorbet | table twenty eight

Though I’ve made numerous ventures into the delightful world of ice cream making (pecan maple ice cream, passionfruit gelato, pina colada ice cream), I hadn’t until recently attempted sorbet.

During our trip to Narrogin last month, however, Helen and I made sorbet with blood oranges from her very own tree…  (more)

rösti with pulled beef brisket, spinach, poached egg & sriracha hollandaise

rosti with pulled beef brisket, spinach, poached egg & sriracha hollandaise | table twenty eight

This dish is an attempted replication of the spectacular, life-changing breakfast I tasted a couple of weeks ago at Gill Street Cafe in Mosman Park.

Sometimes when dining out, something amazing happens – a dish arrives at the table that not only demands visual appreciation of its composition, but upon that first tantalizing…  (more)

kaffir lime & coconut steamed mussels

kaffir lime & coconut steamed mussels | table twenty eight

I’m always on the lookout to cook food inspired by and incorporating fresh, local and (ideally) home grown produce.

Last week’s gin and tonic tart was made with straight-off-the-tree lemons from the garden of my friend…  (more)

gin & tonic tart

 gin & tonic tart | table twenty eight

Never a drink to go out of style, gin and tonics is the refreshing antidote to a hot summer’s afternoon and life in general.

There’s just something about the combination of chilled tonic water, the floral botanicals of quality gin and a slice of zesty citrus served over a generous handful of ice, which immediately cleanses the senses.…  (more)

beef stroganoff with oven-baked chips

 beef stroganoff with oven-baked fries | table twenty eight

I haven’t eaten beef stroganoff for years but in the chilly weather of last week, I found myself craving that comforting sauce of sour cream, paprika and mushrooms.

It was a dish my grandmother used to make quite frequently when I was a girl – a nod perhaps to my grandfather’s…  (more)

weekend postcard | winter sunset


 bailey & sunset sky over nedlands, perth | table twenty eight

This was the intensity of the sunset a couple of nights ago.

Magic.  (more)

corsican pie with winter greens & ricotta


Mum visited a good friend last week and came home with armfuls of freshly picked greens from her garden – rocket, kale and silverbeet (sporting leaves the size of small umbrellas).

Instead of defaulting to salad or steaming, I had a small burst of creative mojo and a desire to do something out of the ordinary…  (more)

rocket, pear & goat’s cheese salad with walnut dressing

 rocket, pear & goat's cheese salad with walnut dressing | table twenty eight

For years I’ve cultivated a lush green menagerie of indoor plants but herbs and other edible essentials of the kitchen garden have eluded me.

As confided previously, I’ve successfully managed to murder every herb plant unlucky enough to cross paths with me…  (more)

weekend postcard | poppies

 poppies | table twenty eight

A beautiful collection of cheery poppies…  (more)

south american wine night | with beef empanadas, take no. 2


A couple of weeks ago my gorgeous friend Deneil asked me to help out with hosting a wine tasting night at her house for a group of like-minded vino enthusiasts.

Encompassing a South American theme, she not only wanted to provide an opportunity to taste an array of unusual wines but also serve accompanying canapés…  (more)

slow braised beef cheeks with parmesan polenta

 beef cheeks with parmesan polenta | table twenty eight

They say a change is as good as a holiday and for me that analogy is literal.

After three and a half years I’ve demobilised from the major capital LNG project on which I was working and am now exploring the green pastures of ‘self-funded long service leave’…  (more)

lunch at bib & tucker


After my favourite restaurant in Perth closed last year, I was at a bit of a loss.

Where to find another place that can always, always be relied upon to dish up excellent food, from entrée through to dessert? With an imaginative and creative interior…  (more)

weekend postcard | beach combing


The stretch of South Cottesloe beach is my favourite place to beach comb and search for interesting pieces washed up on the shore.

The photos here show the assortment of shells, sea glass and other ocean treasures that Mum and I collected in just two hours, navigating the jagged rockpools, sandstone potholes and large mounds of tangled, briny seaweed…  (more)

birthday no. 26 | salted butterscotch popcorn cheesecake

 salted caramel cheesecake with caramelised popcorn | table twenty eight

It was my birthday a couple of weeks ago (or rather – it was when I first started writing this post but a month has now gone by) and the occasion was marked by some lovely gestures from dear friends…  (more)

postcards from england | london, winter 2015


Hello London, my old friend…

Months have passed since I returned home but it has taken until now to just skim the surface of my travel photos and collate some highlights for this post.

There will be much more share with you all in subsequent posts but for now, here are some favourite memories from one of my favourite cities…  (more)

postcards from austria | zell am see

 mountain views, zell am see | table twenty eight

The next stop in my Austrian explorations was Zell am See, a very popular holiday destination both in summer (for the glorious blue lake and associated water sports) and in winter (for the abundance of mountains and associated skiing / snowboarding).

Even though it would have allowed me to explore further afield, I decided against hiring a car during this next part of the trip…  (more)

postcards from austria | hallstatt


After spending five days in Vienna, I travelled four hours via train to a small alpine village called Hallstatt.

Located on the Hallstätter See in the Salzkammergut region of Austria, it’s difficult to put into words just how breathtakingly beautiful and picturesque it is… Like something out of a fairytale…  (more)

postcards from austria | vienna


For the better part of the last month I spent time exploring one of the countries high on my to-do list, a country renowned for it’s wealth of culture and spectacular natural landscapes – Austria.

I started my trip in beautiful Vienna and armed with my trusty, sticky-note filled Lonely Planet guide I wandered my way through a feast of baroque buildings, art, coffee, museums, apple strudel and rudimentary German…  (more)

lunch at nobu


It’s so satisfying and pleasurable to step away from that most elusive of gourmand beasts – the perfect dining experience.

Over the weekend I was fortunate to have one such experience at Nobu restaurant in Perth, where a group of work friends and I had lunch.

It wasn’t only the dishes themselves that made it such a memorable occasion…  (more)

gingerbread ice cream & festive cheer

 gingerbread ice cream | table twenty eight

While it’s been heating up outside during the past week, I’m trying to keep things cool inside my apartment.

My routine during the holiday break has been hitting the beach early in the morning, which I think is the best time of day to enjoy it…  (more)

grand marnier christmas cake

 grand marnier christmas cake | table twenty eight

It’s hard to believe another year has flown by and once again Christmas Eve is upon us.

On Sunday morning, our whole family – aunts, uncles, cousins and great-grandchildren – came together at Grandmama’s for Christmas brunch.  I just adore Christmas.  It is my absolute favourite time of year for so many reasons, but one of these is the whole family getting together under one roof.…  (more)

broccolini & green bean salad with curry leaves & fresh coconut

 broccolini, green bean & fresh coconut salad | table twenty eigh

I’ll keep this post short and sweet, because the end of year crazies are getting to me and I’d like table twenty eight to retain a readership.

Last week I made a snap decision to take the week of Christmas off to recover and recharge, as I think I reached the end of my annual cerebral allowance a few weeks ago and am now just running on fumes…  (more)

peanut butter caramel slice


Each year at work we arrange kris kringle amongst our immediate team and for my gift this year I made a batch of this moreish peanut butter caramel slice. 

Sweet treats work really well as kris kringle gifts, as it’s hard to go wrong with baked goods – especially if they’re homemade and come in a nice container…  (more)

moroccan broad bean salad with yoghurt dressing


My uncle Mark is a fantastic cook and I always look forward to his contributions when the family gets together.

His creations are most often vegetarian and gluten-free (to suit my aunt) and are always packed with fragrant spices and strong flavours, thanks to his Indian heritage and influences from Middle-Eastern cuisine…  (more)

beef empanadas

 beef empanadas | table twenty eight

As mentioned in my last post, I spent a recent afternoon cooking up a Mexican feast with friends.

In addition to Nicole’s drop-dead delicious jalapeño poppers we feasted on these wonderful beef empanadas, courtesy of a new cookbook – ‘My Abuela’s Table’ by Daniella Germain…  (more)

jalapeño poppers


A famous English band once sang, I get by with a little help from my friends.

In times of change or turmoil, we gravitate to those people we depend upon; familiar, steadfast, friendly faces who know what’s needed when life pulls a fast one or decides to charge off into minefield-strewn war zone…  (more)

pumpkin, prosciutto & ricotta lasagne with chilli


A hearty winter warmer with an interesting new twist…  (more)

lemon & mascarpone baked cheesecake with candied lemons

 lemon & mascarpone baked cheesecake | table twenty eight

Last week my desk neighbour Mike brought in a bag full of lemons from his tree at home and seeing as it’s been far too long in between lemon desserts, I decided to bake a lemon and mascarpone cheesecake.

The recipe I used was one of Bill Granger’s and it turned out flawlessly.  Cheesecakes really aren’t that arduous to prepare but they do take time and patience to get that light…  (more)

huevos rancheros with frijoles refritos

 huevos rancheros with frijoles refritos | table twenty eight

It seems to me that the humble egg has become a forgotten source of protein.

Of course there’s the time-honoured (some would say religious) tradition of the Sunday fry-up but eggs are equally as brilliant at the other end of the day for dinner…  (more)

crispy calamari with homemade aioli

 crispy calamari with homemade aioli | table twenty eight

It was about time I ticked off another item from my ‘too difficult and irrationally scary’ list –


I have a vague memory of attempting this years ago but after ending up with a thin, split, oily mess, I threw the whole lot in the bin…  (more)

pecan & maple ice cream

 pecan maple ice cream | table twenty eight

I’ve fallen into the blissful routine of the heading to the beach every morning for a run and a swim, followed by a leisurely spot of coffee at my favourite local joint.

With my last swim being in June and my first swim of the season at the beginning of September, it goes without saying that we are incredibly blessed…  (more)

beetroot ravioli with sage & brown butter

 beetroot ravioli with sage & brown butter | table twenty eight

After what feels like an impossibly hectic blur of a year, I’m now on leave for two glorious weeks.

Work has been all-consuming of late, as we’re mobilising a huge piece of kit from the other side of the globe within a very tight time frame.  While it’s been a great experience to be part of such a massive logistical challenge, it’s meant long hours…  (more)

red wine poached pears with lime mousse

 red wine poached pears with lime mousse | table twenty eight

When I was young, one of my favourite desserts was my grandmother’s poached pears.

She would poach the pears until only just cooked through – al dente – with reams of whole lemon peel and a modest splash of red wine that turned the poaching liquid a lovely rose colour…  (more)

denmark | winter 2014

 plantagenet beef eye-fillet with beetroot chutney & sticky pan jus at pepper & salt restaurant, denmark WA | table twenty eight

Last month, I escaped the city to spend a long weekend in one of my favourite holiday spots.

I’ve previously shared photos and anecdotes from my getaways to Denmark, which is nestled in an idyllic location between the coast, karri forest and vineyards at the bottom of Western Australia…  (more)

jerusalem artichoke soup with olive oil crackers

 jeruselum artichokes | table twenty eight

My favourite vegetable is unfortunately only available for a couple of months of the year.

Most people have never heard of them before and it doesn’t help that they have a rather misleading name.

Jerusalem artichokes aren’t actually related to globe artichokes and really – from an appearance point of view…  (more)

flourless tangelo & almond cake

 flourless tangelo & almond cake | table twenty eight

Over the weekend I had the sudden urge to drop everything and bake.

It was a craving for the methodical mixing of butter, sugar and eggs; the creation of something tangible to sit in warm, syrupy glory on the bench top and waft sweet aromas throughout the apartment.

In times of change or mounting tasks that seem discouragingly far from completion…  (more)

slow-braised beef cheeks with salsa verde

 slow-braised beef cheeks with salsa verde | table twenty eight

If pesto is a indulgent, luxurious Roman aristocrat then salsa verde is its vibrant Mediterranean coastal cousin.

With its punchy, acidic flavours of lemon, capers and herbs, it pairs wonderfully with any type of seafood.

But one union I hadn’t previously considered was…  (more)

making gnocchi at c restaurant

 making c restaurant's gnocchi | table twenty eight

Long time followers may remember my efforts to replicate C’s signature dish a couple of years ago; a homage to its gnocchi which is served atop a bed of rich tomato sugo, covered in gorgonzola and spinach cream and a sprinkling of parmesan, then broiled under the grill until golden brown and molten.

So when Head Chef, Frantisek (Fero) Ilizi, invited me into the restaurant’s kitchen to watch the creation…  (more)

leek & feta tart

 leek & feta tart | table twenty eight

Today gave us a perfect, bright winter afternoon – clear and crisp and full of light.

This morning, however, was an entirely different day.

A morning for staying in bed, surrounded by a comforting white fort of duvet and cushions, bedroom curtains open to reveal the grey, rain-drenched world outside…  (more)

jewish chicken dumplings

 jewish chicken dumplings | table twenty eight

Most people have a much loved dish that makes an appearance during their birthday celebrations, whether it be homemade from the family kitchen, or a decadent meal served at a favourite restaurant.

When my brother was young, he always used to request Hungry Jacks (the Australian Burger King equivalent)…  (more)

bailey’s bread & butter pudding

 baileys bread butter pudding | table twenty eight

This is the grown-up, extra indulgent version of that timeless classic, bread and butter pudding.

A couple of weeks ago I had a sudden yearning for this warming winter pud and was racking my brains for a way to add some additional warm-and-fuzzy factor when my mental tastebuds fell on the perfect solution – Bailey’s!…  (more)

chargrilled squid with smokey chilli, fennel & apple

 chargrilled squid with smokey chilli, fennel & apple | table twenty eight

This recipe is heavily inspired by a wonderful dish eaten at Bib and Tucker a while back, drawing from the rich, smokey-spicy flavours reminiscent of Spanish cuisine.

It was during a lunch date with Mr Pitt, who for many years has been my esteemed partner in wining and dining.

We’ve gradually been working our way through all the best that Perth has to offer…  (more)

rib-eye roast & yorkshire puddings

 rib-eye roast & yorkshire puddings | table twenty eight

We celebrated Mother’s Day a bit early this year with a Sunday Saturday roast, complete with all the trimmings.

Mum loves Yorkshire puds so I made a batch of these, along with steamed broccolini, heirloom carrots with honey and mint, and even a very first attempt at duck fat potatoes…  (more)

grilled haloumi, aubergine & mint salad with pomegranate dressing

 grilled haloumi, aubergine & mint salad with pomegranate dressing | table twenty eight

There was a large, rambling pomegranate tree living alongside our back fence when we were growing up.

In summer the fruit would begin to appear and eventually, come autumn, the tree would be weighed down with large leathery red globes, hanging temptingly over the ivy-covered fence and just begging to be plundered by the inquisitive little girl…  (more)

pavlova cake with lemon mascarpone & raspberry coulis


The creation of this rather epic tower of dessert splendour is entirely thanks to the recent thrilling, once-in-a-blue-moon special on raspberries at my local grocery store.

Why the hyper enthusiasm, you ask?

Raspberries sold here in Perth are normally ridiculously expensive. And I’m not just referring to out-of-season prices…  (more)

braised rabbit ragu with pappardelle & blue cheese mascarpone

 braised rabbit ragu with pappardelle blue cheese mascarpone | table twenty eight

This post comes with an advisory notice and full disclosure; I really had no intention of offending anyone (or even intentionally having a mischievous chuckle) undertaking this dish on Saturday night.

I was cheerfully unaware of committing any festive faux pas… until it was pointed out to me the irony of cooking a bunny over Easter…  (more)

caramelised onion & feta tarte

 caramelised onion & feta tarte | table twenty eight

To take a leaf from Game of Thrones, winter is coming…

Autumn is my favourite time of the year for so many reasons and telltale hints of the changing season are in the air.

When just a few weeks ago I was leaving the house after sunrise, there is now only a faint glow of dawn at the edges of the sky as I wait for the train…  (more)

mushroom, sage & prosciutto pizza with truffle oil

 mushroom, sage & prosciutto pizza with truffle oil | table twenty eight

One of the many, many things I enjoy about cooking is the creation factor, and sometimes you can end up with a result that’s very different (but in a surprising, gratifying way!) to what you originally set out to make.

This pizza is just one of those instances, as I started out wanting to replicate one eaten a while back at the Boston Brewery…  (more)

falafel wraps with grilled vegetables & salsa

 falafel wraps with grilled veg & salsa | table twenty eight

It’s always enjoyable having friends cook for you – but one step better is having them cook for you in your own home.

A couple of weeks ago, Nicole and Mike headed over to mine on a Friday evening and whipped up this wonderful spread of homemade felafels, chargrilled vegetables…  (more)

seared scallops, smokey chorizo & roasted capsicum

 seared scallops, smokey chorizo & capsicum | table twenty eight

I am a true water baby; a product of my upbringing, a child of the sea.

The ocean has been part of my life since before I could walk and now, as an adult, it’s a place of sanctuary and comfort – whether gloriously sunny and flat as turquoise glass, or stormy, wind-whipped and grey…  (more)

peking duck pancakes

 peking duck pancakes | table twenty eight

I’ve been seeing duck pancakes a lot in the headlines recently, from foodie blogs to the menus of the city’s latest hip-trendy restaurants.

Wanting to see what all the fuss was about, I took a punt at making some myself and was happily rewarded with the outcome…  (more)

mango tartlets with coconut & rum caramel

 mango tartlets with coconut rum caramel | table twenty eight

I’m blessed with many advantages in this corner of the globe and this post is dedicated to just one of them:  beautiful, sweet and sunny Australian mangoes.

The tropical climate of Queensland produces the country’s biggest mango harvests but fruit is also grown in the sub-tropical regions of Western Australia…  (more)

mini steak, onion & ale pies

 mini steak, onion & ale pies | table twenty eight

For most of us, the ingredients for a great Australia Day are simple – an esky filled with ice cold beer and a hot barbeque stacked with steak; a swimming pool of any form (paddling pools are entirely acceptable for young and old alike); and finally, Triple J’s hottest 100 countdown providing the day’s soundtrack.

Meat pies are a quintessential Australian love…  (more)

the best homemade hummus

 the best homemade hummus | table twenty eight

One of the most well known of all dips – competing with the likes of french onion and baba ganoush for the top title – hummus is the well-loved but often commercially butchered dip gracing many a barbeque spread and picnic blanket.

Generally speaking, the stuff you buy in tubs from the supermarket has nothing on the flavour and texture of the authentic thing…  (more)

chilli mussels with quick garlic bread

 chilli mussels wuth quick garlic bread | table twenty eight

I’m bringing you another recipe from my ‘irrationally daunting recipes’ list.

God knows why, but I’ve only ever eaten chilli mussels when dining out; cooking them at home has – until this moment – seemed more trouble than it’s worth.

Maybe it’s because the eating of chilli mussels is such a ritual, requiring a full bib…  (more)

potato salad with horseradish & prosciutto

 potato salad with horseradish & prosciutto | table twenty eight

Potato salad – it’s the summer version of comfort food.

Just about everyone has a version they prefer and it’s one of those dishes you can tailor entirely to your taste.

My best friend loves my mum’s potato salad so much she’s even been known to use it as a bargaining chip to get her way…  (more)

merry christmas to all…

 christmas panda | table twenty eight

Merry (albeit, very belated) Christmas to everyone!

I’ve had intentions to sit down and write this post almost daily for the past month but in the whirlwind of festive preparations, parties and the end-of-year frenzy at work, it seems I blinked and here we are staring down the business end of 2014…  (more)

the best coleslaw


Growing up in our household meant the weekly Sunday dinner ritual of fish and chips.

Mum would usually buy the fish fresh from the Fremantle Markets and grill it herself, but we’d pick up a family serving of chips (which in those days was the bargain price of $2.50) from the local chippie…  (more)

rice paper rolls with grilled lemongrass chicken

 rice paper rolls with grilled lemongrass chicken | table twenty eight

Hello everyone… Sorry for the radio silence, I haven’t been in the best of health the past month and creativity and motivation have suffered as a result.

So forgive me for the brevity of this post, as I get back into the swing of things…

This is a lovely, easy recipe that requires minimal actual cooking…  (more)

fettuccine with prawns, cream & sundried tomatoes

 fettuccine with prawns, cream & sundried tomatoes | table twenty

You know you’re getting old(er) when the weekend’s agenda includes traipsing up and down the streets of suburbia, eyes peeled for signs of treasure among the quarterly yard collections.

Ten years ago I had those sort of people pegged as nutty hoarders, collecting piles of other people’s junk that would only end up stashed in a dusty corner of their backyard shed and inevitably, back on the verge…  (more)

okonomiyaki | japanese vegetable pancakes

 okonomiyaki (japanese pancakes) | table twenty eight

The heat of summer really took hold this weekend, the sunlight itself seeming impossibly whiter and brighter.

Even at 06:00am it was searing through my windows and Bailey could be found stretched out luxuriously on top of the sun-drenched lounge…  (more)

lemon meringue pie

 lemon meringue pie | table twenty eight

I realise the irony in posting a recipe here with the prefix, ‘Do not attempt this recipe if you value your sanity’…

I had friends A and J coming over for dinner on Saturday night and as their favourite desserts are lemon tart and cheesecake, I figured I’d split the difference and make lemon meringue pie…  (more)

beetroot salad with blood orange dressing

 beetroot salad with blood orange dressing | table twenty eight

Beetroot and orange is a classic arrangement which appears to have survived many a food trend.

However I can’t say I’ve been a long-term fan, as the handful of dishes I’ve tried over the years containing this combination seem to insist on drowning the poor beets in syrupy sweet orange juice, leaving one to wonder if they’re eating a savoury side or an extremely odd dessert…  (more)

chorizo croquettes

 chorizo croquettes | table twenty eight

Sometimes you just have to give in to comfort food and let it do its… well, comforting.

Preferably in the form of something hot, cheesy and salty, like these moreish chorizo croquettes.

Last week I was given some wonderful venison chorizo – incredibly smokey and earthy with scents of leather, tannin and spice – from Maverick, who’d picked up a supply from the venison farm in Margaret River…  (more)

salmon noodle salad with chilli & lime dressing

 salmon noodle salad with chilli & lime dressing | table twenty eight

Using the oven has become my principle technique for cooking salmon, a method necessitated by co-habitation in small spaces.

There were several initial occasions on which I pan-fried salmon in my first apartment, completely forgetting just how strong the smell of frying fish can be and how it rapidly spreads everywhere…  (more)

the arrival of spring | passionfruit gelato

 passionfruit gelato 003

It was a sad time in my household today as I handed back the ice cream maker I’d borrowed (and come to dote upon) for the last few weeks.

Before a foodie friend left for her overseas holiday, she asked if I wanted to babysit (the answer was a resounding, ‘YES!’) and boy, did I make the most of it…

I experimented with a couple of different flavourse…  (more)

rustic olive oil pasta with artichokes

 rustic olive oil pasta with artichokes | table twenty eight

It was a weekend of firsts…

The first time I made gelato using an ice cream churner (more about that in my next post); the first time in their 18 year history the Fremantle Dockers made it to an AFL premiership (a frustrating but well fought battle – next year, boys, next year…); the first time I cooked kale, this year’s ‘It food (not entirely sure what all the fuss is about?); and my first time preparing fresh artichokes…  (more)

chicken tortillas with mole rojo

 chicken tortillas with mole rojo 001

About a month ago I signed up for my first cooking course, which saw me spending an enjoyable Saturday morning whipping up traditional Mexican cuisine.

Our chef and teacher learned the tricks of the trade while cooking in America, where a large number of the people he was feeding on tour were Mexicans…  (more)

souffléd egg white omelette with balsamic mushrooms & rocket


A well-known poet once sang, easy like Sunday morning…

And that’s exactly what I was blessed with today.

Sunshine streaming in through the bedroom windows, enjoyed with cups of tea and a lazy browse through my latest cookbook purchase.  The Whitlams’ discography turned up loud and time spent savouring a cooked breakfast…  (more)

self-saucing citrus pudding


I think we in the southern hemisphere are slightly guilty of neglecting the humble pudding.

On my trips to the UK this year, it was made abundantly clear that this tradition is alive and well; indeed, the title of dessert has effectively been replaced by the all-encompassing term ‘pudding’…  (more)

duck & pomegranate ragu

 duck & pomegranate ragu | table twenty eight ragu | table twenty eight

I’ve been basking in the rainy glory of one of the wettest winters we’ve experienced in the last decade.

Unlike the UK – where it can drizzle non-stop for hours but you can walk around quite comfortably without getting too wet – Perth’s rain is normally the fast and furious kind, leaving anyone unlucky enough to be caught without an umbrella looking like they’ve taken a fully-clothed shower…  (more)

chargrilled chorizo cheeseburger

 chargrilled chorizo cheeseburger | table twenty eight

This burger is the result of a challenge set by my work colleague; a fellow worshiper to the gourmet gods, discerning food critic, sandwich lover and cherished friend.

Most conversations invariably turn to food experiences and we’ve been known to talk ourselves into glazed eye stupors recounting the merits of a meal in minute detail…  (more)

roasted winter vegetable salad

 roasted winter vegetable salad | table twenty eight

We all have our little routines, those habitual practices we take comfort from in the fast-moving, ever-changing progression of life.  One of my favourite rituals is the early Saturday morning visit to my local farmers’ market, especially during the winter months…  (more)

prawn & dill ravioli

 prawn & dill ravioli | table twenty eight

We’re lucky here to have access to phenomenal seafood from all around the coastal waters of Western Australia.

With produce like that, you really don’t need to do much flavour-wise; a drizzle of olive oil, a squeeze of lemon, some salt and a hot grill pan will do the trick…  (more)

roast beef profiteroles with horseradish cream

 roast beef profiteroles | table twenty eight

Recipes that scare me provoke the avoidance factor in me: chilli mussels, Thai green curry, panna cotta and homemade mayonnaise (to name a few on the list).

I don’t think I’m the only one out there that has such a list of dishes that intimidate…  (more)

postcards from ireland | dingle peninsula

 cows grazing near the beach, dingle peninsula, ireland | table twenty eight

I’m sure you’re wondering when this food blog will return to its habitual content, so I promise this is my final lot of travel photos from gorgeous green Ireland.

As you’ll know from previous posts, our travels brought us to the Dingle Peninsula, which juts off into the waters of the Atlantic Ocean from County Kerry…  (more)

postcards from ireland | on the road

 connor pass, dingle peninsula, ireland | table twenty eight

Ireland – almost every stunning landscape you could imagine, packed onto one tiny island.

You’d think it would be impossible to pick a favourite or most beautiful part of the trip.

But faced with the question, my mind immediately springs to the drive from Kinsale to Dingle…  (more)

postcards from ireland | kilkenny & kinsale

 kinsale harbour, county cork, ireland | table twenty eight

On arriving in Dublin, we parted ways – Mum took a train to Dingle and Rem and I picked up our rental car for the start of our Irish road trip.

Driving in Ireland is a hazardous sport for a number of reasons.

Firstly, apart from the main roads of towns like Galway, the majority of the country’s roads are narrow lanes that snake the hilly terrain, the effect of which  – combined with 100km speeds – is like riding a continuous roller coaster…  (more)

postcards from england | brighton

 amusement park on the edge of the world, brighton, england | table twenty eight

I didn’t know quite what to expect from Brighton.

My whole reason for going was that a couple of people had told me I would love the atmosphere down there, so I reserved a few days of the itinerary for this town at the bottom of England.

As I’ve mentioned before I’ve always felt an intense pull towards the ocean…  (more)

postcards from england | london, summer 2013

 mini cooper in earl's court, london | table twenty eight

London was a whirlwind of sightseeing packed into three days – Notting Hill, Portobello markets, Kew Gardens, cycling along the Thames, Shakespeare’s Globe theatre, tube hopping and lots and lots of walking.  Seriously.  About seven hours a day of walking (or rather, determined photograph-taking marching).

In between all the walking we savoured our eating…  (more)

postcards from england | sunday pub grub

rump steak with garlic butter, lots road pub in chelsea, london | table twenty eight

Greetings, all! I’m once again in wonderful London, this time for the UK summer experience.

Although in truth (so far) this has only differed by a couple of degrees from my winter experience earlier this year, I’m far from complaining… I truly adore this part of the world…  (more)

pan-fried gnocchi with pumpkin, goat’s cheese & candied walnuts

 pan-fried gnocchi with roast pumpkin, goat's cheese & candied walnuts | table twenty eight

The first time I made this dish, it was one of those classic epic cooking failures.

In an effort to make sure the gnocchi were light and fluffy, I was too restrained with the flour (the binding agent) and when all my little gnocchi pillows hit the pan, they fell apart into a clumpy, porridge-y mush.

Right before all the guests arrived.  Disaster…  (more)

get her to the greek

 greek salad | table twenty eight

Most of the cooking and photography for this blog happens on the weekend, when there’s no work and more hours of daylight to produce something worthy of sharing.

It means I can take my time trying new recipes or new techniques, which (if I’m being perfectly honest) fuels considerable excitement as the end of the working week approaches…  (more)

raspberry cheesecake brownies

 raspberry cheesecake brownies | table twenty eight

While many of you may have heard me singing the exalted praises of cheesecake, I haven’t actually posted any cheesecake recipes here.

So to remedy that oversight, I’m sharing with you one of the best cheesecake recipes I know, one I’ve been making with great satisfaction for years…  (more)

a basketful of mushrooms

 bailey inspects the mushrooms | table twenty eight

This week’s post is brought to you thanks to a huge box full of button mushrooms that a friend at work brought in last week.

As mentioned before, I have a hard time saying no to fresh (not to mention free!) produce no matter what it is, so home I came armed with a large bag and plenty of ideas for making the most of the complimentary fare…  (more)

rhubarb, raspberry & coconut crumble

 rhubarb, raspberry & coconut crumble | table twenty eight

Rhubarb is a most unexpected source of happiness.

Whoever first thought to harvest the sour, stocky, crimson-coloured stalks, throw them in a pot and boil them down with a heap of sugar clearly had an eye for potential, because it’s not until you do so that rhubarb reveals its culinary worth…  (more)

french onion soup

 french onion soup | table twenty eight

How many recipes in your repertoire begin with, ‘…heat some oil in saucepan and add chopped onion…’?

Too many to count, I’m sure. So many dishes are reliant on the starting block of the humble brown onion, that to remove it from our modus operandi is almost as bad as skipping the seasoning…  (more)

a weekend of birthdays

 alice in wonderland tea party | table twenty eight

The past couple of days have done little to contradict the feeling of how quickly time is flying, with table twenty eight coming up for its first year and the celebration of my 24th birthday.

Sunday started with a lovely birthday breakfast with friends at the busy, canal-side East Perth café, Toast…  (more)

pear & fennel salad with hazelnuts & goat’s cheese

 pear & fennel salad with hazelnuts & goat's cheese | table twenty eight

Pears have never really been a fruit I would associate with the word ‘delicate’.

This is mostly due to the fact that (until recent years) the variety most often on offer has been the packham pear – a lumpy, ungainly creature that would never win any beauty pageants.

However, as a finely sliced addition to this autumnal salad, the pear contributes both subtle sweetness…  (more)

lemon syrup cake

 lemon syrup cake | table twenty eight

It seems astonishing to me that we’re already halfway through April.

Autumn’s slowly making its presence known with cooler nights, more frequent cups of tea and the deciduous trees of the neighbourhood transitioning to palettes of copper and carmine.

With the temperature dropping from its ghastly summer heights, I’ve also got…  (more)

ciabatta with figs & gorgonzola

 fig & gorgonzola ciabatta | table twenty eight

Growing up, we had a magnificent fig tree in our backyard.

It wasn’t terribly large, unlike the vast white fig tree in the nearby park – huge, knotted and gnarly, and perfect for living out childhood adventures; but our tree bore mountains of the most delicious, beautiful and plump fruit…  (more)

summer angel hair pasta with chorizo, feta & lemon

 summer angel hair pasta with chorizo, feta & lemon | table twenty eight

Dusk turning to balmy evening under the stars, surrounded by pine trees and the smells of woodfired pizzas, hot from the oven, all set the backdrop for the dynamic, jazz –Latin sound fusion emanating from a simple canvased stage.

I ended my weekend on a high note with an outdoor concert on the terraced lawns of the old arts centre in Fremantle…  (more)

tacos de camaron | soft tacos with prawns & guacamole

 tacos de camaron (prawn tacos) | table twenty eight

Mexican cuisine has to be my favourite gastronomic fare.

This is really saying something, because I would be hard pushed to pick between about a hundred dishes competing for that grandiose title.

But Mexican cuisine – the real deal, mind you – noses to the front with its layers of punchy heat…  (more)

piña colada ice cream

 piña colada ice cream | table twenty eight

What’s not to love about this recipe?

The quintessential holiday drink is transformed into a creamy and indulgent ice cream, rich with coconut and spiked with rum.

These would be perfect for a summer cocktail party…  (more)

crab cakes with zesty dill mayonnaise

 crab cakes with zesty dill mayonnaise | table twenty eight

Although we had some blessed relief over the weekend from a run of temperatures nudging 40°C (104°F), the heat is creeping up again.

Unfortunately my apartment is sans air-conditioning, which means no oven – or even the stove top for extended periods – to try and keep the temperature at a habitable level…  (more)

grilled coconut prawns with watermelon & feta salad

 grilled coconut prawns with watermelon & feta salad | table twenty eight

Summer means three things – sun, surf and seafood.

And while I’ll happily take ample servings of the latter two, I’m not so good with Perth’s blazing hot summer sunshine.

Which is a shame, considering how many expats I know who’ve flocked from the northern hemisphere…  (more)

parmesan meatballs with linguini

 parmesan meatballs with linguini | table twenty eight

When people ask me what my specialty is, I normally end up racking my brains for an answer because truth be told, I don’t cook a lot of things more than once or twice.

My foodie magazines are all earmarked with the recipes I want to try or be inspired by and more often than not, I’ll fill my shopping basket with whatever’s in season and…  (more)

postcards from england | london, winter 2013

 winter wonderland markets

From its vibrant cultural and gastronomic scenes, beautiful old architecture…  (more)

postcards from england | cornwall

 roast duck breast, red cabbage, roast potatoes, confit shallots & red wine sauce

Following Wales, our travels took us to Cornwall in the South West of England…  (more)

postcards from wales

 the view from dinas bran

Wales – land of the red dragon, castles, slate, cheese and vast numbers of fluffy…  (more)

luscious lemon butter

 luscious lemon butter - perfect stocking fillers for christmas | table twenty eight

I’m always a sucker for fresh homegrown produce straight from the farm…  (more)

postcards from denmark | summer 2012

 vineyards at singlefile winery, denmark, south western australia | table twenty eight

Last Friday I took a half day and headed down to Denmark with friends for a long…  (more)

breakfast at cimbalino

 fruit salad with greek yoghurt & honey from cimbalino in cottesloe, western australia | table twenty eight

Saturday morning saw me brunching with best friends at Cimbalino, a vibrant.…  (more)









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